Established in 1955, St. Christopher School is a top-rated Roman Catholic diocesan co-educational school for pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. We focus on a well-rounded, holistic approach to education that forms the whole child. St. Christopher School enjoys a distinguished academic record, and we strive to continuously build on that tradition of excellence. Through this strong academic foundation, coupled with an emphasis on spiritual development, leadership, and responsibility, we provide our students with a unique balance of faith, academic rigor, and service to the community.

Mission Statement

Our program of Catholic education relies on the basis of proven success and innovative educational experiences. In doing so, we develop a foundation of faith in students who have the skills to become life-long learners.


We as a Catholic school community:


Believe that each student enrolled at St. Christopher School is a unique and important person and that every facet of his/her life - spiritual, emotional, intellectual, social, and physical should be developed.


Seek to help each individual develop as a thinking, caring Christian who respects all life and has the desire and ability to contribute constructively to the betterment of our world.


Realize that the educational process goes beyond the school. Thus, the development of a shared commitment from the community, parents and school is a necessary ingredient in achieving these goals.