athletic programs

The Athletic Department at St. Christopher School recognizes the importance of participation in athletics as a means to providing a well-rounded educational experience for our students. The primary focus of the athletic program is to have our students learn new skills and develop their talents in a fun, cooperative atmosphere. We will always teach and support an environment of good sportsmanship and respect for our opponents.

Our athletic program consists of eight competitive interscholastic sports throughout the school year, for both girls and boys, in kindergarten-8th grade. Our teams include:

Co-ed Swimming: Kindergarten - 8th grade
Boys Baseball: 5th- 8th grade (JV and Varsity)
Girls Volleyball: 5th- 8th grade (JV and Varsity)

Girls Basketball: 4th- 8th grade (4th grade team, JV and Varsity)
Boys Basketball: 4th- 8th grade (4th grade team, JV and Varsity)

Girls Softball: 5th- 8th grade (JV and Varsity)
Co-ed Soccer: 1st- 8th grade (1st/2nd grade, 3rd/4th grade, JV and Varsity teams)
Co-ed Track: 4th- 8th grade
Boys Hockey: 5th- 8th grade

If St. Christopher School closes due to inclement weather, all after school activities are canceled for that day. This includes all sports team practices and games.

If you are a coach and you cancel a team practice, it is required that you call the school office to let them know that you are cancelling. You must also contact the parents of your student athletes as soon as the practice is cancelled. When school is closed, there will be no practices unless specific arrangements have been made with the Athletic Director.