St. Christopher School participates in the STREAM (Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Arts, Math) Education Initiative, allowing academic concepts to be coupled with increased real life application in each discipline. Students become involved in hands-on projects where problem solving, collaboration, and the results of their efforts make lessons more relevant than a textbook alone.

Sprouts - Students explore science through nature, exploring plants, animals and the environment through hand-on activities.

- Students use the design process and meet engineering challenges while having fun and building with LEGO blocks.

Healthy Mind and Body - Come experience mindfulness and relaxation through the use of yoga and healthy techniques for dealing with stress. This course focuses on the science of our bodies and spirituality.

Stock Market - Take a chance on Wall Street! Manage your virtual portfolio with real time stock market trading and tracking!

Crazy 8's Math Club
- Students use math concepts to complete challenges, crack the code, find the treasure and much more. Crazy 8's is math through exploration and games.

PEAP - Primary Engineering Adventure Program. Students use their engineering skills to help a favorite story character solve a problem.

Kitchen Chem - Students apply science and math concepts while experimenting with recipes and learning cooking techniques

Power of Art - Students create miniature murals using mixed media after exploring and discussing the positive messages conveyed through art and music. This process will deepen their understanding of social justice and give voice to their own ideas and beliefs.

Lip Balm Marketing Club - Students create their own lip balm, design the packaging, plan an ad campaign and sell their final product. Students participate in a hands-on marketing club.