Kids Kare

Kids Kare is our staff led aftercare program, held on site from 2:30pm – 5:30pm. This service is available for all students, pre-k 3 - 8th grade. Children can complete homework and enjoy time with friends playing games, crafts, and many other fun activities. In the warmer weather, the children enjoy time outdoors and on the playground. Afternoon snack is provided.


One Child
0-30 min: $6
60 min: $9.00
After 3:30pm: $16.00

Two Children
0-30 min: $8.00
60 min: $15.00
After 3:30pm: $29.00

Three+ Children
0-30 min: $10.00
60 min: $21.00
After 3:30pm: $41.00

Late Fee – Any pick up after 5:30pm result in a $1.00 per minute late fee. Registration must be completed prior to first day of attendance.

Kids Kare payments are processed monthly, based on daily sign out documentation and processed by the FACTS payment system.  If you are not currently enrolled, click here to register.

All questions regarding billing should be addressed to Sheri Ingraham at 716-692- 2660 x329